Taoticket is always with you, even now ... especially now!

Cruise consultants, management, back office, technical area, communication. Taoticket is there: we are in smart working to protect employees and collaborators, we are regularly operational to protect customers.

We all live an unprecedented historical moment but we are confident: respecting the rules we will soon return to travel again.
Today we update the policies of the cruise lines, the dates on which the lines plan to leave, the list of canceled itineraries; we manage the repatriation of those who have landed abroad, the methods of using vouchers, the forms of compensation, future reservations; we publish updates on the situation in accordance with the directives of the institutions.

We work tirelessly, receive hundreds of calls every day and try to meet the needs of each customer. We manage the present in view of a near future to travel by sea again.




我们的网站能为您提供物美价廉的邮轮旅行方案,专业的服务陪伴您度过难忘的旅程,种类繁多的邮轮类型及优惠形式使您安心享受精彩的假日出行。 Taoticket是您获取邮轮旅行最优价格的平台,其覆盖了全球超过15,000个邮轮方案,横跨七个大洋的8,000多个航线。 作为邮轮旅游行业的创新者和领头人,Taoticket已经连续多年获得由地中海邮轮和歌诗达邮轮颁发的最佳在线旅行社荣誉奖项,并成为最佳邮轮旅行销售平台。 您还可以通过下载iOS系统Android系统免费移动应用程序Taoticket App,随时获取优惠价格和出行安排的最新资讯。 我们的App将助您乘坐全球知名公司(地中海邮轮,歌诗达邮轮,皇家加勒比游轮,诺唯真游轮,嘉年华邮轮等等)的邮轮前往您向往的任何地方(加勒比岛,中东,北欧,南美等等)。 此外,我们还更是豪华邮轮旅行专家,携手全球最著名的豪华邮轮公司(银海邮轮,星飞邮轮,世邦邮轮,星风邮轮等)等您体验非凡之旅! 如果您正在寻求最佳蜜月方案,请即刻联系我们!将您终生难忘的时刻交由我们安排,您将获得一生中最美好的旅行